MESDAM-POD Investments Offers Construction Services to Clients in Southern Africa.

MESDAM-POD Investments has a National reach and resources to execute complex construction projects in challenging locations in Africa. MESDAM-POD Investments can self-perform construction or act as the construction manager on large or small projects in various industries.


MESDAM-POD Investments’ self-perform construction approach enables MESDAM-POD Investments to control the critical path schedule and provide cost and performance benefits to its Clients.

MESDAM-POD Investments carefully select the subcontractors based on their history of safety performance, execution excellence and financial position.
MESDAM-POD Investments’ uses proven technologies, systems and work processes to provide optimal results for Clients. MESDAM-POD Investments’ construction management approach is fully integrated into the engineering and design processes to optimise project execution.

Construction management activities include:

  • Overall management
  • Planning
  • Contractor coordination with respect to safety, cost, schedule, quality and scope
  • Inspection and control of all construction activities

Developing project specific plans for sequencing construction logistics and activities, throughout the project cycle, helps achieve both focus and accountability while simplifying site interactions.

MESDAM-POD Investments’ coordination experience is critical for managing a project safely. Safety is our core value, and a successful safe project execution. We assist our Clients with safeguarding the environment, conserving energy, protecting lives and strengthening the economies and social structures in which our employees work and live.


Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. Being in the construction and service industry our end product is produced by individuals and processes. By focusing on employee quality and retention we can reach higher achievements by elevating our standard of employee caliber. This will enable us to deliver value through our technical expertise.


MESDAM-POD offers rapid execution of large, capital-intensive projects through smooth processes from concept to final delivery of projects. The Company provides turnkey project solutions for preengineered buildings on a single source basis which enables the customer to off -load the entire responsibility to MESDAM-POD in order to complete the project in a time-bound manner.