MESDAM-POD Investment is a family-owned business supported by a collaborative and spirited team. MESDAM-POD Investments is a land investment firm that targets strategic real estate opportunities in Southern Africa. We purchase land and entitle it for residential and commercial use.

MESDAM-POD Investments is a premier land investment firm that acquires property in strategic locations to entitle and sell high-quality developments to homebuilders or commercial developers.

We seek raw land, partially improved land, brownfields and urban redevelopment opportunities at any stage of the entitlement process. MESDAM-POD Investments’ urban infill and redevelopment team is specifically focused in areas with underutilized commercial space. MESDAM-POD Investments is built on vision, teamwork, passion and planning.

MESDAM-POD recognizes the importance of community and makes it a point to give back to the community we serve. We work on the local level when possible to provide public parks, recreational facilities and community centers, in addition to providing support to local charitable organizations. It is our goal to balance growth with the importance of community involvement and we are committed to designing, creating and building the highest quality projects that will provide a legacy for future generations to enjoy.


Our goal is to develop communities for future generations to enjoy:

  • We offer the expertise and resources to provide a complete development solution.
  • We respect land and recognize the importance of “open spaces” now and for future generations.
  • We recognize that our expertise derives from our long-standing network of professional relationships.
  • Honesty and integrity are the driving force behind the development of our projects and business relationships.
  • We strive to create communities that balance growth with preservation.
  • We are committed to designing the highest quality communities that will leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.
  • We employ talented, ethical and motivated people.
  • We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professionalism.

We are deeply committed to excellence in the services we provide to our projects and understand that service, quality, and value are paramount. Our professionals take great pride in creating significant value through our disciplined approach of developing single and multi-tenant commercial retail assets and our orchestrated disposition plans.